Sleep Aid Reviews

Alteril Natural Sleep Aid

4.0 out of 5.0 stars (4.0 of 5)

If you are looking for a solution to problems with quality, duration or ability to sleep, it is possible that you have considered Alteril. It is likely that in your research, you have discovered that an all natural, herbal sleep aid product is more often than not far superior in effects, costs and lack of negative side effects when compared to other prescription or over the counter products. As an all natural product, Alteril does have an edge over comparable products that are composed of harsh ingredients, but when compared to other herbal products, Alteril is slightly lacking.

Alteril Ingredients

Alteril relies on two active ingredients. First of all, Alteril contains L-Tryptophan, which is found in many plants and foods. In the body, L-Tryptophan is converted to serotonin, which is a chemical that increases restful sleep without lasting drowsiness. That is, it makes sleep more rejuvenating without requiring more sleep for the same results.

Alteril also contains melatonin, which is naturally released by the body on a normal cycle, signaling the body to slow down systems and fall naturally to sleep. Both of these ingredients contained in Alteril have been shown to have positive effect on the quality and restfulness of sleep. However, the combination of ingredients present in Alteril is not as powerful as found in some other herbal sleep aids.

Alteril Side Effects

As an all natural, herbal sleep aid product, the negative side effects associated with Alteril are few, if any. Since the active ingredients in Alteril are natural, found commonly within the body and the food we eat, the chances of forming a habit dependent on Alteril for sleep is extremely unlikely. Also, since Alteril relies on the natural substances that put the body to sleep normally, users of Alteril are also extremely unlike to wake up feeling tired, mentally cloudy or hung over from the effects of the pills. However, there are other natural, herbal products that use the same ingredients to better effect, not only lacking side effects but also promoting natural sleep rhythms to keep the body on schedule and rested in the same way as it would be should natural sleep be possible. This makes it much easier to return to normal sleep habits without the aid of any pills or supplements.

Buy Alteril

Alteril is available for order online and is conveniently delivered right to your home. You don’t need any prescriptions or doctor visits to buy Alteril. So far, Alteril probably sounds like a pretty good option. However, the real problems with Alteril come in to play with the ordering process. Alteril offers a free 7 day trial of the product for only $.97. After the trial period, if you are not satisfied with Alteril, you can cancel. However, if you do not cancel, your credit card information will be used to immediately send you and charge you for a 30 day supply of Alteril. What the site does not say is that the trial period begins from the day of order, not receipt.

Since Alteril takes 5 days to ship, that leaves buyers with only two days to evaluate the product before canceling. Also, this is not disclosed on the Alteril site, nor is the cost of the 30 day supply that will be immediately sent, so many buyers of Alteril are blindsided by the charge of $30 or more, plus shipping and handling, that appears on their credit card. They are then faced with the arduous task of trying to recoup their losses or even cancel the automatic delivery of more Alteril.

Does Alteril work?

On the surface, Alteril sounds like a great product. However, the truth is revealed in the less than honest business practices of the company. Any manufacturer that stands behind their product and truly believes it will work has clear sales practices and does not rely on deceptive automatic shipment programs or impossible to cancel orders. While the ingredient list of Alteril sounds like it should work, a huge red flag goes up when it appears that a company does not stand behind their product. A quick look at consumer reviews confirms this fact.

No matter the list of ingredients, Alteril has left a trail of unsatisfied and angry customers in its wake. It goes to show that not only are ingredients and performance important when it comes to natural, herbal sleep aids like Alteril, but that consumer reviews also reveal a wealth of information about the effectiveness and customer service associated with the product itself.