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Melatrol Sleep Support

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A poor night of sleep here or there happens and we can generally struggle through the next day with few ill effects. However, when sleep disturbances have become the norm, our work, family life and even health can begin to suffer. There are many prescription, over the counter and herbal remedies available for trouble with sleeping, but many people do no truly know what to look for and what to avoid in a sleep aid product. Melatrol, an all natural sleep aid, is available without a prescription, visit to the doctor and without the risk of addiction that so many sleep aids pose.

Melatrol Ingredients

When you are evaluating all of your options for a sleep aid product, the first stop should always be the list of ingredients. Many sleep aid products contain addictive or harsh ingredients, but this is not the case with Melatrol. With an herbal formulation, Melatrol is natural, gentle and helps to avoid the hung over feeling that is so common with sleep aids. Melatrol contains melatonin, which is an ingredient found naturally within the body. Melatonin is normally secreted in the evening, giving the body the cue to begin to fall asleep. By increasing the levels of melatonin in the body, Melatrol gently eases the body into sleep.

Melatrol also contains L-5 hydroxytryptophan, or 5HTP. This Melatrol ingredient is found naturally in foods and plants and within the body, boosts the levels of serotonin. It has been shown to improve REM sleep and make sleep overall more restful and rejuvenating. Some products contain only one of these powerful ingredients and some do not contain either, but Melatrol combines both of these natural ingredients for a gentle sleep aid with no addictive properties.

Melatrol Side Effects

One of the biggest problems with sleep aid products is having to choose between missing out on a good night’s sleep and suffering from the side effects that these medications can leave behind. Since Melatrol is an all natural product composed on ingredients found naturally within the body, there are very few harsh side effects associated with the product. Most people will experience no side effects at all with the use of Melatrol.

Since Melatrol eases the body to sleep naturally, there is no lethargic or hung over feeling the next day. Instead, users of Melatrol awake refreshed and alert, ready to start the day. Also, many sleep aid products contain heavy and harsh ingredients that create dependence in the user. Again, since the active ingredients in Melatrol are all natural and found within the body normally, there is no risk of becoming reliant on Melatrol to function or sleep. Instead, Melatrol is there for those evenings when sleep seems out of reach, but never becomes a requirement or necessity.

Buy Melatrol

Aside from the fact that Melatrol is all natural with no harsh side effects, there are still more benefits. Unlike many sleep aids, Melatrol does not require a visit to the doctor or an expensive prescription. You can buy Melatrol online, right from the manufacturer. One bottle of Melatrol is available for less than $50. While that is a bargain, the real savings come into play when buying several months’ supply at once. Since Melatrol comes with a satisfaction guarantee, there is no reason not to take advantage of the savings offered in bulk purchasing.

Three bottles are available for less than $100, the cost of two bottles and even better, a six month supply is available for under $150 – the cost of three bottles. A six month supply of Melatrol offers the best savings with three free bottles, as well as assuring you will not find yourself running out of Melatrol when you most need it.

Does Melatrol Work?

The question with any sleep aid purchase is whether or not it will work. Aside from the numerous positive reviews available for Melatrol, a buyer need only look at the ingredients that comprise Melatrol to answer that question. With all natural ingredients that take advantage of the way the body naturally functions, Melatrol is safe and gentle, easing the body to sleep in exactly the same way that would happen normally.

Melatonin and 5HTP are both huge players in regulating the sleep cycle, without being the harsh and side effect-laden ingredients that other sleep aid products rely upon. Melatrol is designed to work with your body to regulate your sleep cycle, without reliance on the pills or sluggishness the next day. Using Melatrol is exactly the same as your body falling naturally to sleep on its own. Learn more.