Sleep Aids


Anyone researching their options when it comes to sleep aids has surely come across Chamomile. Whether brewed into an herbal tea or used in combination with other herbs and natural ingredients, Chamomile is often the first natural substance that comes to mind when talking about sleep issues, especially for those for whom narcotic or prescription sleep aids are too harsh or heavy with side effects.

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is a flower which is used in dyes, but more recognizably in teas, for both medicinal and alternative medicinal uses – especially in gentle sleep aids. In fact, there are over 100 different illnesses and issues that Chamomile has been successfully used for treating. Most people, though, are most familiar with Chamomile when used in teas for rest and relaxation, or even in bath products designed to be calming and soothing.

Chamomile benefits

When you see Chamomile in a tea or a bath product, it is usually to take advantage of the calming effects that Chamomile has. Chamomile promotes relaxation, relieves stress, calms the nerves and makes an excellent tool for winding down at the end of a long day. It is a popular addition to teas designed to soothe away tension and fraught nerves, due to its mild sedative effect. The sedative effect should not be confused with those of heavy narcotics or other prescription drugs, however. Chamomile is all natural with no documented side effects such as confusion, mental fog, distraction or a hung over feeling that can be associated with prescription sleep medication.

Chamomile for sleep

Chamomile is often found in teas designed to be consumed at night, before bed. The relaxation effects of Chamomile lend themselves well to the preparation for falling asleep, especially when used in place of soft drinks, coffee or even teas heavy with caffeine. The way that Chamomile helps the body wind down and calm itself after a long day makes the transition to sleep much easier for some people, especially for those who have experienced trouble drifting off to sleep.

Chamomile in sleep aids

Chamomile does not only make appearances in bed time bath and night time tea products, however. When used in concert with ingredients like 5HTP and melatonin in sleep aids, the real benefits of Chamomile start to show. While Chamomile has been used as a relaxation aid for years and years, it is only recently that the demand for all natural sleep aids has lead to the discovery of how well Chamomile works when paired up with these other natural ingredients.

Stressful, busy lives have increased the need for sleep aids, but many people find prescription sleep aids to be overkill, or to have undesirable side effects. Since Chamomile is gentle and natural, with no hangover or residual fuzzy-headedness associated with its use, it is the perfect candidate to be included in these new, all natural sleep aids. If you have used Chamomile tea in the past for relaxation and now find that you need a little extra help falling and staying asleep, natural sleep aids that contain Chamomile among their ingredients have been shown time and again to be a gentle, effective way to get a solid night’s sleep.

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