Sleep Aids


Some of the few things on which the world will never run short are stress, exhaustion and sleepless nights. When you’re the one struggling to get to sleep and stay that way, it doesn’t take many nights before you are researching all of your options. Prescription sleep aids can be heavy, with difficult side effects, and also carry the risk of addiction. Natural sleep aids, like those containing Melatonin, are much gentler, with little to no side effects experienced at all.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced naturally within the body. It comes from the pineal gland, and it is responsible for regulating the body’s cycles of sleeping and waking. Small amounts of Melatonin are found in certain foods, but for the most part, it is produced internally. The levels of Melatonin in the body fluctuate depending upon the time of day, and also depending upon the levels of light. This is why people experience different difficulties with sleep in the summer and winter, when days get longer or shorter.

Melatonin benefits

Without Melatonin, getting to sleep and staying asleep would be next to impossible. Melatonin is necessary for keeping the body on a consistent cycle of sleep and waking that is the healthiest for bodily functions and energy. On top of that, when Melatonin levels run low during different seasons, some people can be affected with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Melatonin has such a regulating effect upon the body that when it is not present or levels are fluctuating too much, sleeplessness, poor quality sleep or even serious depression can result.

Melatonin for sleep

Everyone’s body runs on a sort of internal clock, and it is that internal clock that tells the pineal gland when to step up the production of Melatonin. Usually, this happens in the later part of the day and evening, when it is coming up on time to start winding down for the day and start thinking about getting to sleep. Melatonin levels signal the body to start to become sleepy, making the process of falling asleep much easier. Melatonin levels also fall in the early morning hours, bring the body naturally awake and not hung over from sleep.

Melatonin in sleep aids

Melatonin is a powerful addition to any number of all natural sleep aids, such as those that contain 5HTP and melatonin. Melatonin has been successfully used in sleep aids to treat all kinds of sleep issues, like insomnia, or even just jet lag. Since it is an all natural ingredient, sleep aids with Melatonin provide a safe, gentle, easy way to treat sleep issues. These sleep aids can even be used to help people who are trying to switch from a day shift job to a night shift job since Melatonin combined with melatonin and 5HTP is a combination powerful enough to help in such a situation, but without the side effects or potential addictive properties of prescription sleep aids. Since Melatonin occurs in the body naturally and is responsible for regulating sleep cycles, it only makes sense to look for natural sleep aids than contain this important hormone.  Take a look at our product reviews chart to see which products are the most effective.