Sleep Aids

Natural Sleep Aids

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably prefer to live your life as naturally as possible. As a part of that, you probably try to avoid prescription medications and medications loaded with chemicals. If you suffer from a sleep disorder or just have trouble falling asleep occasionally, then, you are most likely interested in natural sleep aids. These days, there is a true abundance of natural sleep aids to choose from. Many people prefer to take natural sleep aids because they don’t pose the unpleasant side effects and other problems that prescription sleep aids do. Additionally, natural sleep aids tend to not have a risk of causing addiction or dependency, something most people are understandably wary about.

Melatonin sleep aid

Melatonin is used in many different natural sleep aids; as a naturally occurring hormone in the human body, melatonin works to help regulate the body clock, or circadian rhythm. You should always look for a sleep aid that contains melatonin, especially if you are older. That’s because the body’s natural levels of melatonin begin to decline as we age; getting them back up to optimal levels can help improve sleep and can be a very effective natural sleep aid. Melatonin is all natural, meaning that it won’t cause any negative or dangerous side effects and can be safely used by virtually anybody.

5HTP for sleep

Another increasingly popular natural sleep aid is called 5HTP. 5HTP – or 5-Hydroxytryptophan – is an amino acid that is closely related to serotonin. Insufficient levels of serotonin are often believed to be responsible for sleep disorders like insomnia, so using a natural sleep aid with 5HTP can help increase those levels and help you sleep much better at night. As more is being learned about using 5HTP as a natural sleep aid, more and more people have been giving it a try; many have experienced truly amazing results. You will see that many natural sleep aids contain 5HTP now, as it is becoming more well known and more widely respected around the natural sleep aid industry.

Natural sleep with chamomile

For centuries, people have turned to chamomile as a natural sleep aid. When drank as a tea, chamomile seems to have a calming, soothing effect of people. Especially if you only have mild forms of insomnia or other sleep problems, a natural sleep aid like chamomile might be just the thing for you. It’s important to note that chamomile may not work for everyone; sometimes, additional natural sleep aids are required in addition to drinking chamomile before bed. However, chamomile is natural and won’t cause any negative side effects or other problems for people who choose to take it. Chamomile tea has been proven natural sleep aid for many people through the years.

Hops for sleep

Hops – also known as humulus lupulus – is another natural sleep aid ingredient that many people rely on to manage their sleep disorder. Like chamomile, hops is usually drank as a tea. Many people find hops to be a very effective natural sleep aid, while others don’t notice any beneficial effects from it. This highlights the idea that what works for one person may not work for another, especially when it comes to natural sleep aids. There is no risk in trying hops, though, and if it turns out to be helpful then it will have been worth it. If you are looking for a natural sleep aid, hops could very well be something that will give you positive, helpful results.

Best natural sleep aid

Since there are so many different natural sleep aids available these days, choosing or settling on just one can be difficult. Most experts agree, though, that a natural sleep aid with melatonin and 5HTP is your best bet for getting a good night’s sleep – naturally. By focusing on products that contain those two main ingredients, you are much likelier to find a natural sleep aid that works for you. Keep in mind that finding the right natural sleep aid can take some time; don’t become discouraged if one or another doesn’t work. With time, you should be able to find a natural sleep aid that helps. For more information, check out our product reviews.