Sleep Aids

Sleep Aid Ingredients

People who suffer from sleep disorders of one kind or another are always in search of a fast, easy cure. Unfortunately, relief can be quite elusive, especially in the case of chronic insomnia. Although many sleep aids promise amazing results, the reality can be far different. How do you know which sleep aid is right for you? A good way to get a clue about it is by researching and learning more about common sleep aid ingredients. Simply going out and buying a bottle of anonymous sleeping pills isn’t a smart way to go about finding the best sleep aid.

Understanding what various sleep aid ingredients are – and what they do – you can make a much more educated decision. Additionally, knowing about sleep aid ingredients and their potential side effects can shield you from suffering through some very unpleasant experiences in the long run.

Prescription sleep aid ingredients

If you find yourself suffering from a sleep disorder and nothing seems to be helping the situation, you may find yourself turning to your doctor for help. In turn, he or she may prescribe medication to help you. It is important to know that prescription sleep aid ingredients can be highly addictive. Many people find themselves becoming far too reliant on prescription medicines to help them get – and stay – asleep every night.

Prescription sleep aid ingredients can trigger rebound insomnia in people who are trying to find relief from the disorder; this means that once off the prescription, insomnia symptoms reappear with a vengeance. Finding the best sleep aid can be incredibly tough, and being aware about the potential dangers inherent in many prescription sleep aid chemicals can help you avoid developing a serious dependence or from suffering through rebound insomnia.

OTC sleep aid ingredients

In lieu of getting prescription medications, a lot of people swing by their local drugstore in order to pick up an OTC sleep aid. While such products are quite popular, it is imperative to know that OTC sleep aid ingredients can make you incredibly drowsy – and not just at bedtime. Many people wake up the morning after taking an OTC sleep aid feeling groggy and woozy.

OTC sleep aid ingredients often make you feel fatigued and exhausted for the entire day. Other people quickly discover that OTC sleep aid ingredients just aren’t effective. For many, all they notice are the negative side effects, without any real benefit or relief from their insomnia or other sleep disorder symptoms. Before buying OTC sleep aids, be aware of the potential problems associated with OTC sleep aid ingredients.

Herbal sleep aid ingredients

As more and more people become aware of the potential dangers posed by OTC and prescription sleep aid ingredients, many are turning to herbal remedies for relief. Surprisingly, though, many herbal sleep aid ingredients aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Where things like kava and skullcap may be beneficial for some people, others find such sleep aid ingredients to be sorely lacking in terms of providing actual relief for their symptoms. St. John’s Wort is marketed heavily, yet it is often better used to treat depression than something like insomnia. Herbal sleep aid ingredients can be helpful, but it often takes a bit of experimentation and a willingness to try different things to find the right thing.

Best sleep aid ingredients

Considering how many different sleep aid ingredients there are to choose from these days, finding the best sleep aid can be downright confusing. Studies show that melatonin and 5HTP provide the most proven benefits out of any other natural sleep aid ingredients. Supplements that contain melatonin and 5HTP tend to offer the most consistent, reliable results out of any other sleep aids on the market.

Those who have experimented with every conceivable kind of sleep aid ingredient – including those in prescription medications, OTC products and herbal remedies – often end up selecting supplements containing natural sleep aid ingredients like 5HTP and melatonin more often than not – reviews say this is by far the best type of sleep aid. If you are uncertain about which product is right for you, feel free to check out our product reviews to see the ratings each product has received, as well as insightful reviews.