Sleep Aids

Sleeping Pill Dependence

Suffering from a sleep disorder can be very difficult. When you’re unable to get the sleep you need, you can suffer from many serious side effects. Having exhausted all other options, you may started taking sleeping pills to help you get a normal night of sleep. Unfortunately, an all too common problem associated with sleeping pills is sleeping pill dependence. While these types of pills should ideally help you drift off – and stay asleep – they can also become quite habit forming.

Sleeping pill dependence is incredibly common; over time, many users find themselves relying far too heavily on their sleeping pills. Rather than helping them solve their problem, then, sleeping pills sometimes create an entirely new one. Sleeping pill dependence can easily segue into actual addiction, which can lead to some very serious consequences indeed.

Are sleeping pills safe?

The relative safety of various kinds of sleeping pills varies considerably. Some are quite mild and pose few risks or side effects; others can create a lot of problems and may lead to sleeping pill dependence. As a general rule, you should only use sleeping pills on nights when you absolutely cannot sleep, unless directed otherwise by your doctor.

Most over the counter sleep aids have warnings about sleeping pill dependence on their labels, advising users to take as directed and only when absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, sleeping pill dependence is not the only potentially serious problem associated with this medication.

Some become so desperate to get some sleep that they inadvertently overdose on their sleeping pills. It is critical to use extreme care and caution when taking sleeping pills, as sleeping pill dependence increases the risk of overdose considerably.

Sleeping pills overdose

One of the biggest problems associated with sleeping pill dependence is that users tend to built up considerable tolerances to many of the prescription sleep aids. When this happens, they need higher and higher doses in order to fall – and stay – asleep. This phenomenon is largely what is behind sleeping pills overdoses, which are actually quite common.

Those who feel that they are developing sleeping pill dependence need to seek professional help to determine the proper course of action. A sleeping pill overdose can cause anything from mild discomfort to even death, depending on the amount that is overdosed on. It’s important to keep in mind that sleeping pill dependence is a very real risk and that many people who take these pills – even carefully, and as directed – end up developing sleeping pill dependence over time.

How to tell if you’re dependent on a sleeping pill

If you’ve been taking sleeping pills for some time, it is critical to step back occasionally to evaluate whether or not you are developing a sleeping pill dependence. Since this problem can creep up on you, it is not always readily apparent. Many people start off taking such medication quite carefully and with the best intentions in mind, only to develop a sleeping pill dependence.

One sure sign that you are developing an unhealthy habit is if you find that you absolutely must have your sleeping pills in order to fall asleep at night. If you feel panicked or desperate when you run out of sleeping pills, you might be developing a sleeping pill dependence. Similarly, if the effects of the pills that you take has been wearing off – or if you need more of them to achieve the right effect – then you should proceed with caution.

Natural sleeping pills that won’t cause dependence

Rather than put yourself at the mercy of prescription or other the counter sleeping pills that might cause you to develop sleeping pill dependence, you should always choose natural remedies instead. There are many excellent herbal supplements on the market today that will not cause a sleeping pill dependence. These products can be taken safely and work to naturally encourage a healthy night’s sleep.

Ingredients like melatonin and 5HTP are the two best examples of what to look for in natural remedies that will not cause sleeping pill dependence. To help you narrow down your search for the right remedy, see our sleep aid reviews.